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Interview Unit

This is posted in your google classroom!!!





Think of someone in your life that doesn’t live at your home that you’d like to interview. You will need to be able to either talk to them on the phone, through facetime, or even through email. This needs to be someone you’d like to know more about. It can be a family member, a family friend, your pastor or youth minister, sunday school teacher, a friend, a teacher at school, or someone else you know.

On the google doc, please fill in the information AND type in 10 questions you’d like to ask them. DO NOT ask them questions like their name, age, birthday…easy things. If you can’t think of questions, google has a ton of options and lists to help you.

You don’t want to do random questions because you want to be able to tell me about this person in detail. The chance that I know your person is slim so focus on their life — who they are, job, dreams, goals, accomplishments, where they went to college, their family, a significant moment in their life, etc. If you need help, ask a parent to help you make a list of questions.

You will submit this google doc and I will grade it and let you know that it’s ok to proceed to part 2.


You will then take the questions (be sure to make a copy of them in google docs!!!!!) and contact the person you have chosen to interview.

Interview Assignments to be looking forward to:
Part 1 : questions (you will submit this and I will approve this by grading it and sending it back to you) – Due March 31
Part 2: Interview your person (you will submit this back to me) – Due April 6
Part 3: Take the questions and write an essay about the person you interviewed. Due April 10

March 17-20

Good afternoon! I hope you had a great Spring Break! Unfortunately we won’t see each other again for a few weeks so I’ll be posting lessons here for you to complete. This is uncharted territory for all of us as we will be doing school strictly online but feel free to ask questions or email me at [email protected] if needed.

Tuesday : Brainstorm new prompt (google classroom) — this has already been posted. It is due Wednesday by 5pm.

Thursday: Rough Draft of new prompt. (google classroom) — This will be due Thursday at 5PM

February 3-7

Monday: The Writing Process (review)

Tuesday: Expository Essay Brainstorming

Wednesday: Expository Essay Rough Draft

Thursday: Expository Essay Revise/Edit

Friday: Expository Essay Final Draft


Benchmark Testing next week!

January 27 – 31

Monday : Sentence Test

Tuesday : Revise and Edit Practice

Wednesday : Revise and Edit Practice

Thursday: Revise and Edit Practice

Friday : Quiz (daily grade) ; Revise and Edit Practice

January 21-24

Tuesday – Fragments; Runons; Requirements of a sentence

Wednesday – Fragments; Runons; Requirements of a sentence; dependent/independent clause

Thursday – Fragments; Runons; Requirements of a sentence PRACTICE

Friday – Fragments; Runons; Requirements of a sentence PRACTICE



January 13-17, 2020

Monday: Comma Review/Game

Tuesday: Comma Review/ Game

Wednesday: Comma Review/ Game

Thursday: Comma Review/ Game

Friday: Comma Test



Grades this week: Comma Review Packet (daily grade); Comma Test (test grade)


January 7-10, 2020

Monday: Teacher Work Day

Tuesday: Word Goals

Wednesday: Comma Review

Thursday: Comma Review

Friday: Comma Review


Grades this week: Word Goal Project

December 9-13


Tuesday: Haiku Poem; Type up Recipe

Wednesday: Work on Recipe Book

Thursday: Work on Recipe Book

Friday: Work on Recipe Book; Share Recipes


** We will have an opportunity to bring the actual food product next week. I will update you as the week goes on!

December 2-6

Monday: I AM Poem

Tuesday: finish I AM poem, start Christmas Haiku

Wednesday: Finish Christmas Haiku/Final Draft Ornament

Thursday: Start Diamante Poem

Friday: Finish Poetry Unit



We will be making a recipe book in class starting next Monday. Each student will bring a recipe that means something to them. They will be required to write a small paragraph about this recipe and why they love it so much. They can also include a picture of them with the food item, with the person it reminds them of, etc (the picture is not required).

Students are signing up today for the recipe they would like to have included in our book. They can change that recipe this week only and will need to bring a written or typed copy of that recipe by next Monday. We will then create our books and each student will bring home a recipe book with recipes brought in from the entire 7th grade. 

We will also have a day for students to bring their cooked recipe for us to enjoy in class. I will notify you of that day when it is officially decided. 

Recipe category choices are: appetizer, main dish, side dish, or dessert.


Please talk with your student this week to help them decide which dish they’d like to add to our recipe book. 

November 18-22

Rough drafts for Friendship essay are DUE ASAP!!

Monday: Library with Mrs. Kelley – 6 word memoir ornaments

Tuesday: Library with Mrs. Kelley – 6 word memoir ornaments; Revise/Edit Friendship Essay

Wednesday: Revise/Edit Friendship Essay and turn in Final Draft!

Thursday: Final Draft; Sign up for Recipe Project

Friday: Field Trip

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